Videos From Shows

This blog is dedicated to videos from shows that I attend and film. Watch everything in 720p, the sound and video quality is a LOT better! All videos by Anthony Sykes - @iamsykes

Landscapes - Full Set - Camden Underworld, London 01/06/13

Stray From The Path - Rising Sun - London Islington Academy 23/02/13 (watch in 1080p)

The Ghost Inside - Engine 45 - London Islington Academy 23.02.12 (shoutouts to The Ghost Inside for posting this on their Facebook - gutted it was the one time I forgot my camera and filmed on my iPhone! Watch in 1080p)

Landscapes - D.R.E.A.M - London Islington Academy 23.02.12 (filmed this on my iPhone as I forgot my camera, watch in 1080p)

Basement - Spoiled, Old Blue Last - London 15.11.12

This Is Hell - Hevy Fest.


Trapped Under Ice - Hevy Fest 2012 - Full Set!

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Brutality Will Prevail - Full Set - Hevy Fest 2012

Cruel Hand - Hevy Festival 2012 - Full Set!

Cold World - Full Set - Brighton, Hydrant 15.04.12